Jeevan Sathi

Vooowwww offer
YOU are never too old for "JEEVAN SATHI".
"Jeevan Saathi Assurance Plan". A true symbol of love and a sign of financial security.State Life has produced many life insurance plans.Each plan has it's own beauty and related benefits.JEEVAN SATHI PLAN is one of them.

Jeevan SaathiA young man as old as 50 years may participate in this plan. That is why we are of the opinion that "You are never too old for "JEEVAN SATHI".Eequivalent Age (Maximum) on Maturity is 70 years.So a young man who participates in this plan at the age of 50 can remain insured for another 20 years.This is by no way bad. :)

Loading...Why "JEEVAN SATHI ASSURANCE PLAN"is nick named as vow offer.
There is another very interesting beauty of this particular plan.In the subcontinent of Pakistan India wives are usually younger than their husbands.So if the difference of age between wife and husband is of 2 to 3 years then while calculating premium relaxation of one year will be allowed.In other words if husband's age is 50 years premium will be calculated ate the age of 49 years.Similarly if the wife is 10 to 13 years younger relaxation of 4 years will be granted and the premium will be calculated at the age of 46 years..VVOOOWW.That's a great offer.That's why "JEEVAN SATHI"ASSURANCE PLAN"is commonly known as a "VOW INSURANCE POLICY".
Contact us for more details and learn the secrets how you can turn this "JEEVAN SATHI"plan in to a very valuable asset at a very lo cost.
You are never too old for "JEEVAN SATHI".Plan today for a better tomorrow and save her from an unimaginable pain.Mail us and learn the secrets.



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